Job Fairs

A tight connection of universities, students and employers is essential for the labor market development. To empower the connection Mindstream organizes student Job Fairs as a place for matching company needs with students’ potentials and school profiles.


Deliverables for Students

    • Internship Programmes
    • Summer Jobs
    • Temporary Jobs
    • Permanent Employment

Company Benefits

    • Access to large amount of students and alumni (HR recruiting activity);
    • Save time, human and financial resources to meet potential candidates for future openings (HR planning activity);
    • Create a solid database of young, energetic, motivated candidates especially fitted for starting positions (both permanent staff and interns) and find talents (IT, finance, marketing, etc.) to fit other important positions.

University Benefits

    • Enhance Student career services
    • Get deeper perspective of market trends and leading company needs
    • Establish connections with company HR- and Business Executives
    • Share expertise with market leaders